A Time for Every Thing

I have come to realise that I have been an idiot and a fool.

I have long held the belief that I am an awful cook and a useless gardener. I will not deny that I have had my fair share of culinary disasters, but instead of learning and moving on, I have worn it like a badge of weakness; ‘Eleanor; The Worlds Worst Cook’.

And what is worse, I have let others pick away at it and use it as a stick to beat me with.

I now realise I have done myself a great injustice with my self limiting chatter; saying and believing I cannot do this and I cannot do that.   What a load of old baloney – I can do whatever I put my mind to, and so can anyone else.

For the past few months I have planted seeds in my garden and watched them grow and I have been incredibly fortunate to have reaped the reward, I have then gone on to cook the vegetables from my garden and have enjoyed success with my recipes.

All I needed was a little bit of encouragement from a friend, and a bit of confidence in myself, and hey presto, I can cook.   And what’s more; I enjoy it.

I have come to the conclusion that growing things in a garden can be compared to the sowing and reaping of our own spiritual growth.  I am not embarrassed to admit that I speak to my plants and vegetables, I nurture them like children, and I water them, protect them and provide them with the best conditions in which to grow.

And I believe that this is what we should be doing with ourselves and others, but many of us don’t.   We forget to weed our garden, and then the weeds get too much and strangle us, hold us down and stunt our growth.    We choose the wrong ‘companion plants’ that do not encourage growth or provide protection.  We plant our crops at the wrong time and harvest them when they are not ripe.

Going forward I will be gardening in accordance with the lunar cycle, recognising the waxing and waning of the moon   In the same way that the tide and the plants are affected by the lunar cycles, so we are too.    There is a time for everything, and so it is important not to be too harsh on ourselves or others.

We are always growing, moving, gravitating one way or another.

It is called life.

To every thing there is a season ~ Ecclesiastes

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  • Aubrey

    Haven’t we all done this!

  • Toxicity 2 Purity

    I related so much to this – thank you.  I have had the same issues with gardening in the past and this year, I have a few tomatoes and some other plants that are thriving.  I sometimes put myself down and feel like such a late bloomer, but if it wasn’t for my change in attitude and spiritual growth these last couple of years, I wouldn’t be able to admire myself today for coming so far. 
    Love the post!!

    • Eleanor

      Thank you for your kind words. Am glad to hear your plants are thriving and so pleased re your comments about attitude and spiritual growth.