The Art of Letting Go and Moving Forward

There’s no doubt about it. The road to inner peace can be a challenging one, often littered with the things we thought we needed to hold on to which have fallen by the wayside; along with our doubts, fears, what ifs and maybes. Sometimes on our journey we can lose our footing, or get lost […]


Old Spirit Speaks

The following poem was published in ‘Second Book of Jottings’ – An anthology by Bob Jones:   Under the shade of  walnut  life seems still For a fleeting moment ‘Maybe’ seems to have a magical permanency A delicious thought, tantalising sweet and near Caught in the bough of a tree.   When in communion with […]


Life is an Echo


  This morning I awoke early just before dawn. I knew it was going to be another hot day with temperatures hovering around  35°C, so I decided to do a bit of weeding and water my veggie garden before it got too uncomfortable. I love this part of the day in the summer months, admittedly […]


The March of the Seasons


Love, love my season ~ Sylvia Plath We all go through our own personal seasons; it’s a necessary part of living. We all have our winters and thankfully our springs. After the long and sometimes dark, bleak winter months have killed off anything which no longer serve a purpose in our lives and destroyed anything […]


Learning How To Swim


It is strange isn’t it, how at the end of the day, if we are fortunate enough we always go back to the things we like to do; the stuff which inspires us, those activities or subjects in which we have a passion. I say ‘back to’ because sometimes in life we can lose our way, we […]


To Lead a King

Trilla Horses

Horses are herd animals and live in a hierarchy. This structure is not too dissimilar to the human one. For years us humans have tugged, pulled and yanked at horses in a vain attempt to get them to bend to our will. We even use the term to ‘break a horse’. However, more enlightened equestrians […]