Holding a grudge? Take these 3 easy steps to forgiveness.

Nelson Mandela about Forgiveness

If there’s one thing that steals your peace of mind, it is thinking about others and feeling guilty yourself. Usually related to things in the past. Forgiveness is not an excuse to make more mistakes, it’s a free pill for peace of mind for which you don’t need a doctor’s receipt. Forgive others and let go of the past If you […]


Things I cried about this morning…


Two things happened that made me feel sad today. The first was hearing that a Facebook friend had said a final farewell to her beloved equine companion; the second was watching a video of 80’s band Altered Images singing ‘Happy Birthday’ on YouTube. On first appearance these do not really seem particularly related to me […]


Give It All You’ve Got!


We can all sometimes feel a little bit under confident, down in the dumps and maybe even a tad lacking in the old ‘self-esteem’ department from time to time, but it’s completely normal. That’s life, it happens. And if that’s you right now, don’t worry…(you’ve heard this one before right?) Maybe you have been through […]


What Are You Afraid Of?


On the surface this seems like a reasonable question doesn’t it? I am sure many of us can roll a few things off the top of our heads such as spiders, snakes, quicksand, heights….monsters, whatever. But that’s not really the question. The question is; what are you really afraid of, what is stopping you from […]

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