The Art of Letting Go and Moving Forward

There’s no doubt about it. The road to inner peace can be a challenging one, often littered with the things we thought we needed to hold on to which have fallen by the wayside; along with our doubts, fears, what ifs and maybes. Sometimes on our journey we can lose our footing, or get lost […]


Life is an Echo


  This morning I awoke early just before dawn. I knew it was going to be another hot day with temperatures hovering around  35°C, so I decided to do a bit of weeding and water my veggie garden before it got too uncomfortable. I love this part of the day in the summer months, admittedly […]


Inspirational Quotes by Remarkable Women

I love inspirational quotes and so I thought I would share some with you. These quotes also come with a short overview about the life of the author. Enjoy! Audrey Hepburn Marilyn Monroe Coco Chanel Oprah Winfrey I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed putting them together.


6 Articles on How To Screw Up Your Life

Screwing up your life is easy to achieve once you’ve got the knack and the following links provide the skinny on all you need to know to totally screw up your life in style. These indispensable guides will show you what not to do to lead a happy and fulfilled life. If you are looking for a […]


Learning How To Swim


It is strange isn’t it, how at the end of the day, if we are fortunate enough we always go back to the things we like to do; the stuff which inspires us, those activities or subjects in which we have a passion. I say ‘back to’ because sometimes in life we can lose our way, we […]


Be Bold. Be Beautiful. Be Happy…

That’s right.  We really can be all three.  In fact, we already are, we just don’t allow ourselves to believe it. Sometimes in life we are so busy banging on the door of opportunity that we forget to try the turning the handle, only to find that the door was always open. Of course I […]