A Big Lot of Love on a Little Bit of Rope.


Each day presents us with an opportunity to learn, and each day, no matter how awful can bring fresh hope riding in on the crest of a wave…even if that is the hope for a better day tomorrow. The day I am referring to started off great. It was a beautiful sunny day; there was […]


Spring is in the air…


The perfect time for new announcements! I know it’s been a while coming, but I am really pleased to say that my new book Learning How to Swim has just been published and is out now on both and The book is a slim volume of just some of my writing over the past […]


6 Life Lessons I Am Taking Away From 2014


Following my post last year about the life lessons I was taking away from 2013, due to its apparent popularity, I thought it only right to repeat the process again this year. Nothing wrong with a bit of navel gazing at the end of the year, after all, we all need to keep ourselves in […]


10 Life Lessons I Am Taking Away From 2013


1 It’s okay to walk away If a situation or relationship is not working out, it’s okay to walk away.  Really, it is. Never stagnate and just ‘put up and shut up’ because that’s not what we are here for. We are here to progress and learn. If something is not right in our life, […]


Love is…

clare 004

There are many quotes, books, songs and films about the universal language of love.  In fact, love is the inspiration for just about everything. Although it does have some bad brothers and sisters. But when it comes down to it, what exactly is love? Most of us know what it is like to fall in love; the […]


“Times They Are A Changing”


We are all constantly changing, forever calibrating to the situations and circumstances we find ourselves in. Even if it does not always feel this way.  And because we are constantly evolving in this endless circle, it is only to be expected that at times these transitions can be difficult for us to cope with. Change […]

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