Return to The Source

When on the path to enlightenment, forget your gurus and your Gods; I believe animals are much closer to the source.

When we are worn down by other people placing a negative drain on our energies by criticism or belittlement, or we are in despair, it is more often than not the animals we turn to for comfort. Animals know love and can give it unconditionally.  They are non judgemental and not afraid to express their emotions.

Unfortunately in today’s society many animals unwittingly play the part of the sacrificial lamb (no pun intended); whether they are unwanted Christmas presents and end up in rescue centres or worse, or live a life of slavery in a factory farm only to be butchered later on down the line for food.

We are animals too, yet we separate ourselves from non human animals as we assume ourselves to be of higher intelligence. Yet very few of us display any of the real survival instincts we once had in the wild. We no longer appear to be able to self medicate, or navigate using only our senses.  We place importance on materialism and ‘things’.   

Animals have long known so much more than us.

We turn a blind eye to the cruelty we perpetuate by telling ourselves that it’s okay to kill animals if they are organically farmed and had a nice life and then ‘died’, or that we cannot live without animal products because we are omnivores, that we are top of the food chain, or that vivisection has made huge advancements for humanity.

We could not be more wrong.

We create our own world view and then fit everything else around it.  Like the smoker who smokes yet knows it’s no good for him, and then goes to the gym in an attempt to ‘get fit’.

We are all very good at deletion, deleting the parts of our lives that we don’t want others to see or we don’t want to admit to ourselves. It’s easy to be a sheeple. It is too convenient not to be.

Animals do not lie; they cannot.  They have shown us how to treat the earth, how to survive in the wild, how to self medicate and so on. Yet we have made our animals our slaves, our food source, our pets; the underlings.

We even make money out of training them the way we want them to be; to fit our lifestyles.  We sell products that are not even required such as expensive horse coats, pet shampoos loaded with chemicals, outfits, choker chains etc.  We poison our animals with commercial pet food and antibiotics and rape the land with pesticides and herbicides. We pollute the skies; the light that nourishes the plants, we even genetically modify the food that comes from the earth.  The list goes on.

We know what we do but it’s easier to live in a convenient pretend ignorance than admit an expensive and inconvenient truth.

We are all on a search for enlightenment, for the ultimate happiness pill, that one more thing which will make us happy; enhance our lives. Yet we are blind to the very path to the true source, the very things we constantly undermine and destroy – the love, protection and compassion of animals and nature.

There is nothing else.