A little share from you = a BIG WARM HUG from the universe :-)

A Big Lot of Love on a Little Bit of Rope.

Each day presents us with an opportunity to learn, and each day, no matter how awful can bring fresh hope riding in on the crest of a wave…even if that is the hope for a better day tomorrow.

The day I am referring to started off great. It was a beautiful sunny day; there was no reason for it to be anything else apart from a great day. Everything was coming into blossom in the garden, even our old pear tree which has been battered and bruised and knocked about for years.


But then…something happened…I let something get to me, well I should say someone.

And that someone was me.

I had let someone else’s passive aggressive behaviour upset me and suddenly the day hardly seemed bright at all.

I got the fear…I started to question my path, which is all well and good…because you need to take stock sometimes, but just letting your bad mood overcloud a beautiful day is silly.

Here I was in this garden of abundance, and I could only see the dark.

Then, as if to prove that my emotions are not my reality, I got a little something through the post which cheered me up no end.

It was a little handmade bracelet from the guys at LoveRope.net. LoveRope is well, what it says, a little bit of rope with a whole lot of love. C360_2015-04-16-10-53-43-190

The guys over at LoveRope have their own manifesto as follows:

LOVEROPE is a catalyst for
deep, meaningful conversations and positive energy.
We want people to share more truth, love, peace, beauty with one another. Because it’s our essence.
We are not a jewelry company – we are a movement.

You can have whatever you like hand stamped on your bracelet so it is totally customizable, or the guys from LoveRope can choose a random inspirational quote for you.

I chose ‘Courage Sans Peur’ which is French for ’Courage Without Fear’.  I had seen it once on a coat of arms on a visit to Firle Place in Sussex, England some years back.  At the time my husband and I half-jokingly decided to take it on as our family motto as the coat of arms depicted two greyhounds which we had at the time.

These beautiful graceful dogs had seen a tough life on the racing track and after their career was over had been given up on.

They were truly the ones with courage, whereas at the time, we were just the pretenders.

How apt then, that this bracelet should arrive on this particular day when I really needed a bit of ‘courage without fear’, to remind me that, just like the pear and the apple tree, we all have our chance to blossom again and again.

We must sometimes withstand the cold winds of people’s ill feeling or criticism toward us, shed our leaves of forgiveness at the appropriate time and continue to flourish and bear fruit when the time is right.

Have no fear; keep on going with ever increasing courage. “Courage Sans Peur!”  The sun will shine again.

Fortunately, I now have my LoveRope to remind me of that.

C360_2015-04-16-10-01-27-858 (2)