My Book & Inspiration

I love everything inspirational or motivational.

In fact, one of my first forays into the world of the internet was The Star Ruby, an online magazine I set up for ‘spiritual warriors in training’ everywhere. It was named after my beloved greyhounds Star and Ruby.

Here I shared inspirational and motivational stories which were to then propel me to write for other various publications.

You can view samples of some of my work at the following links:

Elephant Journal

Positive Outlooks blog

Tiny Buddha

Dumb Little Man

I also wrote regular articles in the Life and Inspiration categories for YouQueen, and you can find my author page here.

In fact, I love this genre so much I even went on to write a book.

Perhaps you could use a little sparkle in your copy?  Let’s create some magic to get your message out there.

Someone somewhere is waiting to hear from you, they need to hear your message right now.