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I have a confession to make.

It wasn’t until recently that I began to take angels and faeries seriously.

Before now, I have certainly had my moments, but I have to admit I was never a true believer.

It was a former work colleague who first told me that in life, we are always protected because our angels look out for us.   At the time I was surprised by her comment, as I knew she had a tough personal life and suffered from a debilitating health condition.

It should not have come as any surprise really, as she was such an angel herself.

If angels use us as channels for their love, then she was certainly a channel.

But I wasn’t a believer.

I do have a set of Doreen Virtue Angel Cards, but I have always felt kind of silly consulting them.  And as for faeries, well, they are just so, how can I say it? Faerie like?

No, angels and faeries were not for me.

All of that changed recently.

When I was staying in France, and if I am honest, a bit anxious about the future, I happened to be on Twitter when I saw a tweet about a free faery card reading.

For some reason I just felt immediately drawn to contact the tweeter.  I really wanted a faery card reading, but somehow it just seemed a bit ‘frivolous’.

It turned out that the ‘tweeter’ was a lovely lady who lived in Ibiza and also offered Egyptian Tarot Card readings, so I opted for one of them instead.  The card she drew for me really resonated.  What was especially astonishing was that it was the same card drawn for me at a previous reading by a completely different reader not so long ago.

Soon after, I was sorting through some boxes when I came across a framed cherub picture which I had always liked, but forgotten I had.  So up on the wall it went; and then in another box I came across an angel book which I had never even read.   I went to put it in the bookshelf but it would not fit, so I put it to one side to find a ‘home’ for it later.

That very same day I logged on to see if there was any writing work available, and lo and behold someone was asking for a write up about guardian angels.

Sometimes you just have to listen to the messages being sent your way.

I wrote the article and it was an absolute pleasure to write, in doing so I also made an unlikely friend.

I have come to recognise that I have indeed met many angels and faeries in a number of different guises in my life.  I have not been visited by a ball of light or an angelic cherub (yet), but I have been touched by the angelic realm by the thoughts and actions of others.

My dogs have been my guardian angels and the angel of inspiration visits me often.

I have also had contact with the faeries, via the deva’s in the garden; not forgetting the trees that provide me with guidance, wisdom and support; and the wind as it whispers.

No, I never believed in angels or fairies, or whatever you like to call them.

But I do now.

If you open your heart and truly listen, I sincerely hope you will catch sight of yours.


For a great book on guardian angels see here.

For a truly fabulous and magical oracle card reading contact Faery Forest Magic;  you won’t be disappointed.


  • Aubbrhea

    I love angels and feel mine looking over me a lot, such a comfort!

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