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Do you ever sit there night after night, day after day, going through the motions, drifting through life just waiting for your next day off, the weekend, or your next holiday?

Do you wish things would change but you don’t know how to go about changing them, and anyway it would be pointless as any change would be reliant on this, that and the other?    Is it always somebody else’s fault?

Have you become numb with the drudgery of everyday life?

If so, you will be pleased to know there is someone you can blame.   If you want to apportion blame that is.  You can blame yourself.   Because just about every situation you find yourself in, and every emotion you feel is down to one person alone; you.

And the good thing is, because it is all down to you, you can do something about it.

If we all began to take responsibility for our lives, accepted what is, removed things from our lives that did not align or resonate with us, wouldn’t the world be a better place?

If you are not happy with what you are doing, you are not stuck.  This is just a lie that society has created.  And society has achieved this by making us all fall foul of the money trap.   After all, nowadays there are not many places you can go without money.  It separates us and creates a divide.  The haves and the have nots.

We have become slaves to a society that puts material success above love and compassion.  It is easy to live like this, and become the stereotypes that society wants us to be, this way we can all fit into our little boxes with our opinions that are not really our own.

Instead of standing in unity, we are divided.

How can we best break out of these chains that bind us?   This is the question we need to be working on.   How can we make the whole world a better place?

I think we have to start with ourselves.

We are not here to sit in front of TV screens night after night, whilst during the day working for megalomaniac despots who only care about money and power.  We are not here to turn a blind eye to the horrors and injustices that go on daily, because we think it’s not our problem.   Because it is.

We are the world’s guardians; we are here to protect and nurture the planet and all the living beings that dwell on it; for now and for the future.

So let’s get down to some real work.

To put some real perspective on the issue, I leave you with Carl Sagan’s ‘Pale Blue Dot’  watch?v=p86BPM1GV8M


  • Aubseymour

    Doing what I love I have found is the opposite of apathy, it inspires me  to inspire others, and live with purpose every day

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