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Brand stories can be beautiful

Did you ever hear the sad story about the poor dog who lost his beloved master…

And then went on to become the iconic logo of one of the most famous brands of the 20th century?


We all know the logo.

The adorable little dog staring down the horn of an old fashioned gramophone.

But what about the story behind the logo?

Well, it goes like this..

Nipper was the devoted dog of Mark Henry Barraud an impoverished artist.

When his master passed away due to poverty and ill health, his brother Francis, also an artist, adopted him along with the now famous gramophone and some recordings of his late brother’s voice.

Whenever Francis played the recordings, the plucky little Nipper would run over to try and work out where his masters voice was coming from.

This beautiful memory of the puzzled dog looking down the gramophone’s bell horn stuck in Francis’s mind, and three years after Nipper had ‘gone over to Rainbow Bridge’ painted the scene and named it ‘His Master’s Voice’.

Few individuals or companies for that matter were interested in the painting until eventually the Gramophone Company bought it for £100 on 15 September 1899.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Brand stories can be beautiful.

What’s your brand story?