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Why Attraction Marketing for Copywriters Makes the Perfect Partner!

In The Copywriter Facebook Group (that I happen to run), an often raised question is; how do I find clients? Budding copywriters will find workable answers to this in my handy article on the subject here: 15 Ways to Find Your First Copywriting Clients. Okay, so you’ve got your first client…but what next? How do […]

Does my brand look big in this?

Be honest. Is this a question you’ve asked yourself? I know I have. Each time I click on to any of my websites (I have two at the moment) I feel a deep need to faff about with the fonts, colours and backgrounds. I will head over to Canva or RelayThat for some inspiration and […]

Damn it! Just put it out there.

I was working on an article on my business website recently (us writer types do have to make a living you know), and the piece I was working on was in a very different style to what I usually post. I wasn’t sure if my audience would connect with it. In fact, I wasn’t sure […]

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