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How to sell your products and services and skyrocket your online success (without coming across as needy!)

One of the most popular questions I see raised time and time again, especially in Facebook business groups is how to land new clients, how to generate new leads, or variations on these themes.

In short, how do I successfully sell my services or product?

It’s a perennial post in many supportive business groups.

I recently came across such a post where everyone was putting forward different ideas and strategies and being generally helpful and constructive. But there was one strategy suggested that pricked up my ears.


Well, the suggestion put forward seemed a bit anachronistic to me. Out of date. Heralding from a different now long gone era.

What was it?

Basically, that you write down the top companies that you most want to work for, identify the person who is most likely to hire you or hand over a shed load of cash for your business opportunity (ha!) and then somehow develop a nice cosy relationship with that person. (In today’s world that means showing up on their timeline and ‘friending’ them on social media.)

At the same time you would carefully scrutinize their company’s website (this thread was for copywriters), identify anything you think is missing (or you think you could do better) and then let him/her know.

Presumably very, very tactfully!

I am sure in your own business area similar tactics have been utilized.

For example, in the fitness industry it might go something like this:

“Hey, love the photos of your kids. BTW I see you are in the fitness industry….this supplement would be the perfect match for your clientele”.

You know the sort of thing.

To my mind there are problems, in fact some BIG problems with this strategy.

For a start, sending an email or Facebook message to the big honchos of organisations such as Uber, Amazon, Facebook, Virgin (or whoever the heck else you want to work for) informing them that their hugely profitable and successful company are missing a trick is likely to fall on slightly deaf ears to say the least.

It could even come off as offensive.

And…errmm…don’t you think this technique has been tried before??

(A bit like those SEO emails you get, you know…the ones telling you they can rank your page to Number One on Google…something tells me these types even send their emails out to Google!)

What do you think is going to happen once you have cosied-up to someone ‘of influence’ online? That they will invite you to an afternoon’s golf and the conversation is going to be something like this?:

“Hey, love your golf swing….did you know your sales funnel is not converting as well as it could, bro?”.

Because that’s not going to happen. Not using this strategy in any event.

On the incredible off chance that you are somehow successful in adopting this strategy and land the client of your dreams, when it comes to treating you as a respected equal or meeting your pay expectations, things might turn out a little different than you envisioned.

You might find yourself bargaining rather than negotiating for your fee, time, life (delete as applicable).

After all…YOU went to THEM cap in hand, not the other way around.

Wouldn’t it be better if your clients sought you out and came to YOU i.e. you being the prize, not the schmuck who is desperate for the sale?

Wouldn’t it be better to adopt a strategy that attracts clients to you so you can then choose who you want to help and how much you will charge i.e. YOU call the shots?

Of course it would!

Welcome to attraction marketing!

Here are my top 6 attraction marketing strategies that YOU can successfully apply to your business today, to sell ‘you’ without coming across as a poverty stricken chancer.

1. Brand YOU

You’ve heard it before but it does no harm to repeat it again (and again).

People buy from those they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST.

So what are you known, liked and trusted for? Probably not much if you are not putting yourself out there.

Are you the person people know they can go to to provide useful, valuable and often free information and content on your speciality?

Are you the person who people actually look forward to hearing from?

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That’s what branding REALLY is.

Your brand is how the world perceives you, it transcends everything.

It’s your style of communicating, it’s your ethos and ethics. Your reputation.

A good one will set you apart from the competition, create the correct environment for repeat business and give you a loyal tribe following, get you recommended and remembered!

In short a good brand is vital to your success and needs to be nurtured carefully and maintained flawlessly!

2. Be fearless

You have to put yourself out there.

If you are in the online space then produce content. Lots and lots of it. Click To Tweet

And then make sure you make the most of it by cleverly re-purposing it on as many different platforms and mediums as you possibly can.

If that means getting in front of the camera and making videos. Then so be it!

If it means building an email list (which I cannot strongly recommend enough) then do that.

Oh and forget ALL about what the trolls, naysayers, ne’er-do-wells, whingers and complainers are saying. They ain’t paying your electricity bill this month or for your planned holiday in a luxury 5 star hotel this summer are they?

Still feel a bit queasy about putting yourself out there?

Then my short Facebook Live video here should help.


3. Get connected

Network, network and network some more!

We live in an unrivaled glorious age of communication. We can connect with someone on the other side of the globe in a second.

Nowadays we don’t even have to go to a ‘real life’ network event in real life if we don’t want to.

However attending the right events is a key way to connect and grow (but that’s for another post).

There are millions of people connecting with each other and making valuable relationships with one another constantly online, right at this very second as you are reading the end of this sentence.

Be one of them.

And no I don’t mean ‘friending’ someone and then sending them a private message to tell them that you have a solution to their problems. Nurture an authentic relationship with people you genuinely like, someone you would like to help and do business with.

There are plenty of people out there looking for the solution YOU provide. And because you have put in place steps 1 and 2, guess who they are going to call when they have a problem?

That’s right: YOU!

Trust me on this one.

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Someone people seek out to sort out their problems and will pay handsomely for it as they know you are MORE than worth it.

4. Have a goal and take MASSIVE action…Every Single Day

They say that ‘a goal without a plan is just a wish’. And they are right.

If you want to be successful IN ANYTHING you have got to have a plan or goals and take action towards those goals EVERY SINGLE DAY.


Every day.

Most, if not all successful people have a daily routine (normally a morning one!)

This could be working on mindset (see my Periscope here if you are struggling with this one), working on their personal development or something else useful to them, but every day it will be executing on some part of their goal.

And you need to be doing this too.

If it is content you are creating, be prolific.

Let people know you are out there.

With the internet we no longer need to go hawking our wares door to door, but with the internet comes its own issues, i.e. unless you STAND OUT and are consistent and showing up all the time, you won’t get noticed.

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Always growing, always moving forward.

5. Have systems and processes in place

Dreary old systems eh?

Nope. Systems and processes are the backbone to your business helping it run smoothly and successfully.

Luckily in this day and age there are plenty of handy software, apps and tools you can use for free.

Personally I love the CRM provided by a marketing platform I am a member of because I need to ensure I have a system for my leads (by the way CRM is short for Customer Relations Manager and if you didn’t know that it probably means you need one!).

Anyway, the important thing is you need to have systems and processes in place and organise your time (and leads meticulously).

Remember: Follow up is KEY and where most of your leads will turn into customers. Click To Tweet

You can’t follow up a lead if you don’t capture their details somewhere, have a record of who they are…., their pain-points ….your prior conversations etc.

But the systems don’t end there…what about a content scheduler, an invoice system, financial accounts etc etc etc.

Make your life and your customers easier.

6. The ‘not so secret’ sauce

I cannot emphasis this last point enough.


It’s a tough world out there at the moment and to succeed you absolutely 100% need to have a supportive network around you.

This might be in the form of a mastermind, a coach, a mentor or a network of professionals in your field or all of the above.

I am lucky I have a great business partner, am a member of multiple copywriter groups (here’s an extremely supportive one I run with over a thousand amazing members!).

In a nutshell I am never alone and always have people on hand to help me when I most need them.


At the end of the day, it’s all about BUILDING your audience, ENGAGING your audience, and then SELLING to your audience.

It ain’t nothing new, but it sure is effective.

And a whole lot better than sending out cold emails to people who simply don’t value what you have to offer, because you positioned it all wrong.

If you need help or are struggling with any of the above, regardless of whether you are coming from a position of just starting out or have simply stalled a bit along the way, then I would love to hear from you to see how I can help get you quickly back on the road to success!


Don’t get left behind.