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Moon Dog

I will never forget my first case study for my canine massage diploma. I had the pleasure to work with a rottweiller cross by the name of Farrah, a lovely girl who had suffered a cruciate ligament injury and was now recovering.

Because Farrah was my first proper case study outside of our course I was absolutely terrified prior to my initial session with her. I thought I would forget all the techniques I had learned or what muscle was where, and countless other worries that had no real basis in reality.

On the evening of my first visit, I vividly recall it was a full moon. On that cold November evening I walked the short distance from where I was living at the time to Farrah’s carers house and prayed to the moon to make my session a success so that Farrah would be relieved of her pain and be able to heal.

For some reason at that time I thought that it was my sole responsibility for this healing to take place. If I failed, it was all down to me and the application I was using was just plain wrong.

I know now that actually, I am a conduit for healing energy. Not the source. Just as we all are. My most important role, aside from all the massage techniques I had learned, the gruelling canine anatomy and physiology tests I had endured and muscle placements I memorised, everything I trained so hard for, was in fact to connect with Farrah so she was able to accept healing and to heal herself.

Without that initial connection and acceptance, all my other skills and training may well have proven futile. It was important that I first sought Farrah’s permission and that she in turn accepted me. I am the conduit, not the ultimate healer.

Before I entered Farrah’s home I remember I took one last glance at the moon, and for some reason I knew at that moment that it would all work out just fine. In hindsight, it was because for the first time in a long time I trusted myself. After all the reason I had trained in this modality in the first place is because it had saved my own dog’s life, but that’s another story.

The initial consultation went well, we made a connection and following two more massage sessions Farrah made a remarkable recovery. Farrah’s carers were excellent and did their ‘massage homework’ in between sessions. But it was Farrah who did the real work, by opening up and letting me in. And in return, with every massage stroke, she healed me of my lack of confidence. It was a two way thing.

It always is.

When I am with animals, conducting whatever healing technique session is appropriate, be it massage or applied zoopharmacognosy, or sometimes simply just being there, I always feel at peace. There is no outside world, there is no time; it is just me and the beautiful animal. And when I get the ‘connection’, for me there is no other feeling in the world like it.

It is like finding the correct frequency on a radio station, you keep on altering the dial, until you get the perfect frequency, but if you move just a fraction, it is gone.

It is such a delicate balance and one that can sometimes be difficult to find.

Other healing conduits may explain it in different ways and have different experiences and views, but this is my way, my reality.

For me it is a perfect moment, one of joy and connectivity.

Humans are a complex species and it is clear we do not always work at the same frequency as each other. Sometimes we are on completely different radio stations and we hear only what we want to hear, see what we want to see. We are attuned to our own reality. Sometimes we find ourselves off of other peoples radar and vice versa. But being ‘off radar’ does not mean we do not exist.

We are all connected and what we do unto others we do unto ourselves. We are a mirror of everything we do, think, and feel.

We create our own world.

On that particular night, Farrah, I and the moon were all consciously connected. Farrah guided me to where her discomfort was, and allowed me to work with her. I attuned to her and in return she attuned to me, in other words she let me in as much as I let her in. The moon pulled us together like the tide and carried us ashore.

And that is how the healing took place.

Thank you Farrah, moon dog, for opening up to me and showing me the way. You will always be a part of me, as I you.

Do not adjust the dial.