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Some things cannot be undone

In the media we hear and see disturbing stories on the news on an almost daily basis. In fact, the influence of media is so powerful that through it we are largely informed about what we should or shouldn’t think, say, do, or even be in some cases. Of course, these ‘rules’ are constantly changing […]

Things I cried about this morning…

Two things happened that made me feel sad today. The first was hearing that a Facebook friend had said a final farewell to her beloved equine companion; the second was watching a video of 80’s band Altered Images singing ‘Happy Birthday’ on YouTube. On first appearance these do not really seem particularly related to me […]

Changes Ahead!

I am excited to ‘announce’ (Who am I? The Queen of England? :-)) that over the next few weeks there will be some changes to this blog. Noticeably, you will be seeing some posts from other guest bloggers.  They will be posting on a variety of  interesting topics, not necessarily focused on the inspirational genre. Things […]

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