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Some things cannot be undone

In the media we hear and see disturbing stories on the news on an almost daily basis.

In fact, the influence of media is so powerful that through it we are largely informed about what we should or shouldn’t think, say, do, or even be in some cases.

Of course, these ‘rules’ are constantly changing and shifting so sometimes it’s hard to know what to do for the best. We are barely given a moment to assess how we really feel about things.

To stop and think.

We are bombarded with so much information and biased reporting it literally paralyses us, and worse, perhaps without knowing it, we are also being cynically manipulated on how we should feel about things too.

You only need to open any social media platform to see a stream of positive thinking memes and forgiveness quotes. 20151129_153320We should all be living our lives ‘on purpose’, vibrating at a higher frequency, finding passion and abundance via the universe, and sending love to everyone on a perpetual basis. Some of these quotes run counter to what many of us perhaps really feel deep down inside, but it must be the right way to think or feel because some spiritual guru was quoted as saying it, right?


I am sorry, but that just doesn’t hold true with me. It’s like there is some kind of cultural mass hypnosis going on.

Let’s turn to the whole ‘forgive others regardless of their actions’ even if their intention was malicious or dangerous ‘theme’.

You see, some things just cannot be undone. No matter how hard we can try to fix them, or forget they ever happened at all, or ‘move on’. The fact still remains that someone or something has been broken, in some cases lives damaged, destroyed or even lost.

Nobody is immune to it.

Contrary to popular belief I don’t think that forgiveness regardless of the perpetrators intentions is necessarily the right action to take in all cases (it didn’t work out too well for the Christians who got thrown to the lions or countless other groups of people throughout history whose lives have been controlled mercilessly and persecuted at the hands of psychopathic tyrants has it?).

Sure, forgive those who don’t know better or made a genuine mistake, and don’t go on ‘holding burning coals’ which negatively affect you, but just as importantly don’t let people walk all over you time and time again either.

And especially not if they are quoting some ridiculous new age hippy social media meme or faux spiritual guru at the same time.

We are all on a continuous learning journey and sometimes that journey will be painful. Sometimes people will intentionally do things to us that are quite frankly unforgivable. And it’s not a crime to feel short term anger or antipathy toward them. But what is a crime is to stay in that place and continue to be a victim, through apathy or fear or whatever else is keeping you there. It might even be misguided loyalty or, perhaps most tragically of all, love?

This is how monsters are made who go on to destroy other people’s lives too, and they come and take us all in the end.

If we let them.

Likewise, just like those who ‘trespass against us’, some of our own actions or remarks will never be able to be undone, maybe in some cases it is just as well…in others, inevitably not so. It may be many years before the results of our actions come to pass…but be assured that they will.

Fortunately, this holds true for all of our actions, the good as well as the not so well thought out, or the mistakes.

The people we help, have a kind word for, the relationships we nurture, the love we give…they all come to pass too.

This is where solid foundations are made, where the great and the good are forged, the real angels we encounter throughout our lives.

So let’s have more angels and less demons.

Because some things simply cannot be undone.