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What if?

vcm_s_kf_repr_838x619What if you didn’t have to get up at some ungodly hour every morning regardless of how you felt or the weather conditions, just to perform a job you found meaningless and uninspiring?

What would your life be like if you were not trapped working around the clock to pay off debts and loans and even then, found yourself spending money you don’t have just to survive?

What if you didn’t feel like there was something lacking in your life, a feeling which was only momentarily placated by purchasing the latest ’must have’ item of the day?

Pretty splendid I guess.

We are often reminded by the established media, in books, films, TV and even at school that if we work hard we will achieve great things. Really? Try telling that to a coal miner, if a coal miner works really hard will he eventually become a millionaire? Unlikely. What about a child labourer in a filthy sweat shop in the third world making a pair of trendy trainers for a privileged gap year student to wear to tour their country?  If they work harder will they become a multi-millionaire? Only if they take over the factory, right?

To become super rich (as in private Lear jet rich, own tropical island level), the likelihood is that you either inherit it, or you have to accept and go along with some fairly unpalatable choices to get there.

However, to be what I would term comfortably wealthy and prosperous, I don’t think the above is the case, and contrary to what seems to be the current trend of ’banker bashing’, I don’t despise people who are very wealthy, actually I am happy for them, assuming they are not outright crooks.

I think nowadays, with such huge disparities of wealth, people tend to fall into two camps; they either aspire to be like super wealthy people, or they are wary of them at best.  Personally, I don’t fall into either camp.  I know some fabulously wealthy people and I know some people who don’t have a proverbial pot to pee in, I am happy to be in the company of both, it’s all the same to me.

It’s the balance in your moral bank account that interests me.

Some people, usually opportunist self-appointed gurus who want to sell their courses and books, will have you think that anyone can easily manifest wealth and money, well, that’s true to an extent, but it’s not the whole truth. You can manifest positivity and opportunity, which may well lead to windfalls and you can change your perspective so that you feel wealthy in other ways. After all, we all have something to be grateful for; the fact we are alive and have the amazing gift of potential for one.

But the paradigm in which we currently live is working against many of us, some of us are even born into the poverty trap which is almost impossible to escape from. Plus, nowadays there is too much choice, too much information, too much disinformation for us to take in. We don’t really fully grasp what or where we are. We don’t have a chance to get bored, to create, to manifest or even know what would make us truly happy.

We are told we should be this or we should be that, we should have this job or this TV or that car; we are constantly programmed into being, looking or even thinking in a certain way.  No one really dares to say what they are truly thinking any more. We don’t even have the freedom to express and share our thoughts so that we might come to an informed opinion.

Films, books, social networks, music, advertising…you name it; the brainwashing is both prolific and pernicious.

This isn’t a new thing, and even the dissenters in the past who rebelled against the system were being cunningly played and thus sealed their own fate, something which is once again being superbly played out today more than ever before.

We are in the age of corporate pills, cheap thrills and compelling shills.

But what if…

What if there was a different way?

What if we were allowed to be our authentic selves and truly follow our passions, our natural instincts, natural law even?  What if we didn’t place such importance on money, but could instead simply obtain services, food or whatever we needed via the exchange of goods and services and mutual co-operation?

Would it work?

In reality, no one really knows the correct answer; different political ideals have been implemented in the past, but almost all have crumbled in the end due mainly to the abuse of power and inherent corruption, nepotism, sycophantism and other self-serving miscreant deeds.

We all want something different, something more sustainable than the current deeply flawed system. We all want change, but are we really willing to go through the pain of real change? Do we want it badly enough?

When we talk about doing what we really want to do in life, there are of course roles that need to be done. I believe most people would be happy to do what have been wrongly classified as seemingly menial tasks if they thought they were being helpful to others in some way, instead of just fulfilling a sales or productivity target, or placating a megalomaniac boss.

After all, there is no higher calling than service to others, whether this is sweeping the streets or being in the nursing profession; adding value to other people’s lives is what it is all about.  Perhaps when we help others without being a martyr or expecting some form of praise in return, then we are genuinely enjoying the richest life possible?

But here’s the rub, and something many of us forget, before we can look after others we need to nourish and love ourselves first.  And part of that ’self-love’ includes being aware of what is really going on around us.

Back to the topic of becoming ‘super rich’ in a material sense in this day and age, there is no secret, the concept is not that hard to grasp. You just have to be totally focused and willing to do whatever it takes to get to that position and then whatever it takes to maintain it.

Because for every give, there is a take.

The question isn’t really ‘what if tomorrow we woke up and were wealthy’; the question is what would happen if tomorrow we were to wake up and be fully awake?