Things I cried about this morning…


Two things happened that made me feel sad today. The first was hearing that a Facebook friend had said a final farewell to her beloved equine companion; the second was watching a video of 80’s band Altered Images singing ‘Happy Birthday’ on YouTube. On first appearance these do not really seem particularly related to me […]


Changes Ahead!


I am excited to ‘announce’ (Who am I? The Queen of England? :-)) that over the next few weeks there will be some changes to this blog. Noticeably, you will be seeing some posts from other guest bloggers.  They will be posting on a variety of  interesting topics, not necessarily focused on the inspirational genre. Things […]


Give It All You’ve Got!


We can all sometimes feel a little bit under confident, down in the dumps and maybe even a tad lacking in the old ‘self-esteem’ department from time to time, but it’s completely normal. That’s life, it happens. And if that’s you right now, don’t worry…(you’ve heard this one before right?) Maybe you have been through […]


A Big Lot of Love on a Little Bit of Rope.


Each day presents us with an opportunity to learn, and each day, no matter how awful can bring fresh hope riding in on the crest of a wave…even if that is the hope for a better day tomorrow. The day I am referring to started off great. It was a beautiful sunny day; there was […]


7 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Trees.


“If you would know strength and patience, welcome the company of trees” – Hal Borland I know it sounds crazy, but in a strange way trees talk to me. It’s true. It’s been like that for as long as I can remember and just keeps getting stronger. But I don’t mind it at all. It’s […]


Damn it! Just put it out there.


I was working on an article on my business website recently (us writer types do have to make a living you know), and the piece I was working on was in a very different style to what I usually post. I wasn’t sure if my audience would connect with it. In fact, I wasn’t sure […]

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